Mali Plavnik



Dive Type: boat access and cavern
Location: 44° 58′ 31.79” N 14° 32′ 50.81” E
Average depth: 15 m
Max depth: 40 m
Visibility: Good
Current:  none
Dive Level: from OWD
Rating: outstanding dive spot

Mali Plavnik (small Plavnik) is an island off the coast of the actual island of Plavnik. This little island – now inhabited – used to be used as a quarantine island. Today it is one of the most popular dive spot at the Adriatic Sea, thanks to the rich marine life living around the reef.

The small island reef with a number of caves from which rocky curtains and steep cliffs drops off to the 40 m. At the very beginning of the dive you will find a small cave which is worth to see. Care for scorpion fish! The dive site is best described as underwater mountains. Several towers with tips, that are partially above the water and partially below the water surface. The towers can be circled and at the end you reach a rocky – gravelly plateau where turned back accented you can just get through the tower once again. Like one nice underwater playground.

The wall itself drops partially to over 40 metres and is home to countless large Scorpion Fish, and blue-stripped squat lobster, as well as other crab species. On the end of your dive the small plateaus offer nice place for your safety stop.

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