Dive Type: boat access
Location: 44° 56′ 34.8″ N, 14° 34′ 38.84″ E
Average depth: 20 m
Max depth: 40 m
Visibility: Good
Current: possible
Dive Level: from OWD
Rating: nice dive spot




Kormati is a small islet to the South-East of Plavnik. Two islets that make up Kornati. In the middle of the straits between these islands and Plavnik, the sea depth is just about 9 metres. The small islet offers 2 dive spots for underwater explorers, but the shallow water around it with its nice water temperature is an ideal spot for snorkelling too!

Kormati is a small reef, only the top of it rising above sea level. Arriving here you will first notice the noisy covey of sea gulls. No wonder, the sea around the reef is richly inhabited by fish. On the western side of the reef there is a long terrace at 4-5 meters depth. Swimming through a canyon-like passage you will find yourself on the eastern side of the reef, where it breaks down as a sheer rock face till 35 meters deep. The wall and the whole of the reef is covered with little cavities and rich in marine fauna and flora.

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