Cannons of Plavnik

Dive Type: boat access
Location: 44°58.981’N – 14°32.039’E
Average depth: 20 m
Max depth: 40 m
Visibility: Good
Current:  none
Dive Level: from OWD
Rating: nice dive spot

Our rating:


The „Cannons of Plavnik“was probably a wooden sailing vessel from the late 18th or early 19th century, from the time of Napoleonic expeditions.

The cannons were likely to be used to defend already conquered territories. The cargo, the steel cannons never reached their destination.  The bottom of the bay is formed like a well detailed sloping hill. Today there are about 14 cannons, fused into blocks on the seabed. Some remains of the bow and the board work can still be seen.

After visiting the cannons you can spend your safety stop swimming and resting on the sandy underwater terraces, where you can search for octopuses or spiny red gurnards.

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