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I was born in Punat and left my home island Krk just for some shorter time. I have started diving as military diver for more than 25 years. I worked as fisherman so had one really special connection to the sea. After remounting my boat I started to work only with divers. This was already more than 15 years ago. I spent 90% of my life in or on water. Now with Oliga I can fulfil my biggest dream.



A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for. That’s why Oliga has Fix. He is the man at the helm. He also runs Oliga’s kitchen. The way he prepares squids and the potatoes no one can make. You’ll fall in love with his meals instantly. He’s a really big fan of airsoft so he spend every free moment on some airsoft field or takes care of his airsoft gun collection.



Diving for me isn’t just a hobby but a big part of my life. Returning there where I always want to belong to and being part of that beautiful underwater world. I have started diving as I was 15 and however, I was amazed by the underwater world for forever. In 2006 I became a NAUI Divemaster (# 47383), in 2007 finished SSI OWI course (# 46619) and did one crossover to UEF OWSI (0162-H). I worked with divers also in Hungary and in Croatia. As Dive Center Manager I hope I can help you with all information and prepare the perfect vacation plan for your diving trip. You can contact me on Hungarian, English, German and Croatian language.

OLIGA //o-lee-gah//

a small pelagic fish species which occurs near the surface in the littoral estuarine zone: in lagoons, salt marshes, shallow brackish areas, and inland waters which are rather unsuitable for other fish species, due to their high ionic strength and salinity



My name is Oliga and I was build as a fisher boat. But in 2001 I have been rebuilt and since then I work more than 15 years successfully only as dive boat. Edi and Fix take really good care about me, and together with Anett we make a lot of fun and great adventures for all sea lovers. I am 14,5 m long, have 4,1 m in width and I can reach up to 9 knots thanks to my Sauer-Famous 180Ps motor. I have also some cool devices and stuff like GPS, Echolot, Radar, VHF-Funk, Bootsphone, Liferaft – DSB (for 25 people), DAN O2 system, First Aid Kit and safety tank. You can take a nap or sun bath at my lovely sundeck, you can also eat some delicious meals prepared by Fix down at the kitchen, I have toilette, of course, and dining room next to the kitchen in case of bad weather. You can be absolutely sure with me because I am checked every year by HRB.



After many cooperation with other dive centers, finally “OLIGA”- with captain Edi – opened its very own local dive business. With Croatian management and multilingual team (Croatian/English/German/Hungarian) OLIGA Dive Boat and Dive Center offers extensive diver and non-diver programs for every incoming guest.

Our dive center can be found embedded the beautiful fishing village, Punat, just a few minutes walking from the boat OLIGA. The center with it’s friendly, familiar outfit provides a nice reception with comfortable seating area for resting, a separated storage room and wet room for the dive equipment of our guests, wash basins, a separated compressor room and free parking places just in front of the center.
The terrace invites the tired ones for chilling – with grilling possibilities and of course after dive/deco beer!
OLIGA Dive Centre has the facilities and the resources to suit everybody’s needs, from the Discover Scuba Diving experience to the Master Scuba Diver rating, our professional, experienced and friendly staff can provide you with expert instruction that you need to make scuba diving as fun, safe and educational as possible.

Dive Center for teaching recreational and professional scuba diving courses
Introducing Discover Scuba Diving for non-divers
Organizing regular guided fun dive trips for certified divers
Renting and supplying all scuba diving, water and underwater safety equipment and gears
Air filling
Organizing scuba diving/water activities related events
Underwater operation and commercial diving center